History and Values

Cerveza Dolina was born in 2013 to transfer the passion for beer and the taste for traditional brewing methods to a project with the determination to lead the incipient sector of artisan beer, being one of the first factories of this type to appear in our country.

Any product where artisanal and traditional processes prevail is, by necessity, intimately linked to its place of origin. Burgos is the place of origin of Dolina. We chose this name for our brand for two reasons:

First, to pay tribute to our land. The development of the Gran Dolina is one of the main archaeological complex of Atapuerca , one of the world referents in the field of human evolution.

Secondly, our name had to synthesize the concept on which we develop our beers. The taste of real beer, that of all life, had been lost in the times of industrialization and mass production . For today’s society, the world of artisan beer is an unknown world and, from Dolina, we want to help unearth those forgotten flavours and aromas. Return to the origins of a drink that has accompanied humanity since remote times and that has evolved with us.

Our goal is to continue brewing quality artisan beers and discover to all beer lovers this wonderful world full of flavors, aromas and nuances forgotten in time.

Our Factory

If you are interested in the world of beer, the production process, how a brewery works … Welcome to our brewery!

At Dolina we want to help you discover this exciting world, tell you what differences an artisan beer from an industrial beer, explain what the key points are in the process of brewing this product, show you our facilities and, of course, introduce you to our beers so that you can taste them, accompanying them with a good pairing.

We organize visits for all types of groups, although for groups of less than 10 people we ask you to consult us.

We began our factory visit by telling you about our history, the concept of the Dolina brand and the styles of beer we produce. Next, we explain you the brewing process, moment in which you can appreciate the differences between the varieties malt and hops and know first hand the equipment used in each stage of production.

The guide will answer all your questions and explain the reason for each process. Finally, in the tasting area, you can taste, and enjoy, the Dolina beers accompanied by a suitable pairing ¡an ideal moment to comment on everything learned during the visit!

If you like artisan beer and are curious about how it is brewed… sign up for this planazo and visit the Dolina brewery!

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